Construction of drain maintenance and flower lawn development in front of customer care office Bhutan Telecom Ltd Contract Awarded

Procurement Category: Civil

Dzongkhag/Location: Thimphu

Goods/Services/Work Type: CON-W3-Building, Irrigation, Drainage, Flood Control, Water Supply and Sewerage (Small)

Procurement Method: Open Tendering

Annual Procurement Plan: 2021

Bidding Process: Single Stage Bidding - Single Envelope

Contact Details: Sonam zangpo 17123370

Status: Contract Awarded

Bidding Details

Submission Date: April 29 2021, 04:00 PM

Opening Date: April 30 2021, 02:00 PM

Prebid Date: None

Prebid Place: None

Earnest Money Deposit Details

EMD Type: Lumpsum

EMD Value: Nu. 3,500.00/-

Evaluation Details

Financial Evaluation: 100%

Agency Documents

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4 Integrity Pact Document Download
7 RFP Download
9 Bid Form Download
Document Prerequisites For Participation

Sl Document
1 Bid Form
3 CDB License
6 Integrity Pact Document
9 Tax Clearance
10 Trade License
Tender Items(BOQ/BOM)

Sl Item Code Item Name,
Additional Description/Specifications
UoM Qty
1 Drain maintenance
2 DD0001 Demolishing cement concrete 1:3:6 & richer, including disposal of materials within 50m lead, cu.m 1.2
3 DD0017 Demolishing brick work including stacking useful materials & disposal of rubbish within 50m lead - In cement mortar, cu.m 3.0
4 DR0012 Constructing second class brick masonry open surface drain in cement mortar 1:4 including earth work in excavation 100 mm thick concrete bed 1:5:10, 40mm aggregate and 25mm thick cement concrete 1:2:4,12 mm aggregate for filling haunches including 12mm cement plastering 1:4 with a floating coat of neat cement and disposal of surplus earth etc. complete - 250mm x 300mm depth, m 40.0
5 None Flower lawn development, - -
6 SM0102 Providing & laying all sides chisel dressed flat stone paving in cement mortar 1:6 on prepared bedding (excluding the cost of bedding) - 40mm, width 125mm, sq.m 24.84
7 FL0160 Providing & laying Kota stone flooring over 20mm thick base of cement mortar 1:4, jointed with grey cement slurry mixed with pigment where necessary, rubbing & polishing complete - 20mm, sq.m 16.96
8 SW00340 providing and filling of flower beds with organic manure or wild leaves decay manure with the mixture of top soil.(sample will be decided and approved by the client/ site engineer), cu.m 19.2