BT/Transportation & installation of Telecom Equipment /2022 Bhutan Telecom Ltd Being processed

Procurement Category: Civil

Dzongkhag/Location: Thimphu

Goods/Services/Work Type: CON-W4-Power and Telecommunications Works (Small)

Procurement Method: Open Tendering

Annual Procurement Plan: 2022

Bidding Process: Single Stage Bidding - Single Envelope

Contact Details:

Status: Being processed

Bidding Details

Submission Date: February 15 2022, 05:00 PM

Opening Date: February 16 2022, 02:00 PM

Prebid Date: None

Prebid Place: None

Earnest Money Deposit Details

EMD Type: Percent

EMD Value: 2.0%

Evaluation Details

Financial Evaluation: 100%

Agency Documents

Sl Document Link
1 Integrity Pact Document Download
2 Site Details Download
3 RFP Download
Document Prerequisites For Participation

Sl Document
1 Delivery Schedule
2 Integrity Pact Document
3 Price Schedule
4 Tax Clearance
5 Trade License
Tender Items(BOQ/BOM)

Sl Item Code Item Name,
Additional Description/Specifications
UoM Qty
1 Services
2 SM00062 Transportation of Telecommunications Equipment from Phuentsholing to Sites including installation works, Lot 1.0
3 SM00063 Transportation of Tower, Power & Shelter from Thimphu to Site including installation works,, Lot 1.0
4 SM00064 Transportation of Monopoles from Phuentsholing to Sites , Lot 1.0
5 SM00065 Transportation of Monopoles from Thimphu to Sites , Lot 1.0