Construction of Glass Enclosure Bhutan Telecom Ltd Being processed

Procurement Category: Civil

Dzongkhag/Location: Thimphu

Goods/Services/Work Type: CON-W3-Building, Irrigation, Drainage, Flood Control, Water Supply and Sewerage (Small)

Procurement Method: Open Tendering

Annual Procurement Plan: 2022

Bidding Process: Single Stage Bidding - Single Envelope

Status: Being processed

Bidding Details

Submission Date: August 22 2022, 05:00 PM

Opening Date: August 23 2022, 02:00 PM

Total Estimated: Nu. 545,873.05/-

Earnest Money Deposit Details

EMD Type: Lumpsum

EMD Value: Nu. 11,000.00/-

Evaluation Details

Financial Evaluation: 100%

Agency Documents

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Tender Items(BOQ/BOM)

Sl Item Code Item Name,
Additional Description/Specifications
UoM Qty
1 Construction of Glass Enclosure
2 DD0001 Demolishing cement concrete 1:3:6 & richer, including disposal of materials within 50m lead, cu.m 11.4
3 DD0022 Dismantling steelwork in single sections including dismembering and stacking within 50m lead - In channels, angles, tees and flats, kg 435.651
4 DD0045 Dismantling G.I sheets including ridges, hips, valleys, gutters & stacking materials within 50m lead, sq.m 13.21
5 SW00499 Dismantling eaveboard including stacking within 50m lead, cu.m 0.02
6 DD0065 Dismantling cement A.C, celotex, hardboard ceiling, partition, including stacking useful materials & disposal rubbish within 50m, sq.m 10.95
7 SW00500 Removal of GI sheet enclosure and moving it to stores as per the instructions of the site engineer, Lot 1.0
8 DD0067 Dismantling old plaster or skirting, raking out joints and cleaning the surface for plaster including disposal of rubbish within 50m lead, sq.m 355.873
9 PL0020 Providing & laying 12mm cement plaster - C.M 1:3, sq.m 355.873
10 PL0125 Providing & applying putty of thickness 2mm or more over plastered surface to prepare the surface even and smooth complete., sq.m 355.873
11 PT0021 Providing & applying white or colour washing - White washing with lime, old work, two coats, sq.m 355.873
12 PT0052 Providing and applying finishing coats, Vinyl plastic emulsion paint, for cement, masonry, plaster, two coats on new work (The colour should match the existing building/wall colour), sq.m 355.873
13 CW0003 Providing and laying in position plain cement concrete excluding the cost of centering and shuttering - All work upto plinth level. - 1:2:4 (1 cement : 1.5 sand : 3 graded crushed rock 20 mm nominal size, cu.m 3.167
14 SM0072 Providing and laying Hand packed stone filling or soling with stones, cu.m 3.167
15 GL0001 Providing & fixing white/ coloured glazed tiles in flooring laid on bed of 12mm thick cement mortar 1:3 finished with flush pointing in white cement, 300 x 300 mm, sq.m 24.65
16 SW0021 Steel work welded, in built up sections, trusses, frame-works including cutting, hoisting, fixing and appl. priming coat of red and finishing coat of silver, 2 coats. , kg 815.27
17 RF0003 Providing & fixing Pre Painted Steel Corrugated Roofing sheets, including bolts, hooks and nuts 8mm dia. with bitumen and G.I limpet washers filled with white lead for connection, excluding the cost of purlins, rafter and trusses, 25g (0.50mm)., sq.m 37.26
18 SW00038 Providing & fixing 450 mm over all semi-circular PVC gutter, including brackets, bolts, nuts, washers & rain water pipes connections, excluding the cost of pipes, m 13.8
19 RF0190 Providing and fixing on wall face single socketed rigid PVC ( Working Pressure 4kgf per rain water pipes including jointing with seal ring leaving 10 mm gap for thermal expansion- complete - 75mm dia, m 3.0
20 RF0195 Providing and fixing on wall face PVC coupler for rigid rain water pipes including jointing with seal ring leaving 10 mm gap for thermal expansion - complete - 75 mm, each 2.0
21 RF0210 Providing and fixing on wall face PVC bend for rigid rain water pipes including jointing with seal ring leaving 10 mm gap for thermal expansion - complete - 75 mm dia, each 2.0
22 WW0030 Providing & fixing Eaves board (225x25mm) with moulding fitted and fixed with necessary screws - Mixed Conifer, m 13.8
23 SW0047 Providing & fixing anodised Aluminium section for doors & partitions framing including all accessories such as or weather seals, roller, springs, etc complete (excluding the cost of glass panes or boards in case of U-rubber gasket for fixing glass panes, weather strips partitions/doors/windows and ceiling boards in case of ceiling), partition framing, lock and key arrangement, door handles etc complete. Al. Code 6063 or 6463., kg 45.417
24 SW0057 Extra for providing and fixing plain glass panes on aluminium section complete (excluding the cost of aluminium frame & accessories) - 6mm thick frosted glass, sq.m 33.038
25 SW00501 Maintenance of particle board, cornice for Revamp building, filling up cracks and holes with waterproof sealant, remove any debris or clogs and tighten/replace any loose fasteners, maintenance of broken marble steps complete including other miscalleanous works as directed by the site engineer. , Lot 1.0
26 WW0111 Providing & fixing Pre-laminated Particle Board Lining with necessary nails etc. complete (excluding cost of frame) - 10mm, sq.m 2.973
Amendment Details

Sl ID Date Details Remarks
1 TAM22080011 August 16 2022, 02:33 PM Submission Date changed from 2022-08-15 17:00:00 to 2022-08-22 17:00:00 Only 1 bidder
2 TAM22080012 August 16 2022, 02:34 PM Opening Date changed from 2022-08-16 14:00:00 to 2022-08-23 14:00:00 Only 1 bidder